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Tanaka Travels explores Thembeka Homes
with Ndeipi Magazine


Harare Makes a Wonderful City Break and Escape

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Harare makes a wonderful city break and escape. From the absolutely divine local cuisine, bars with vibrant music, and artsy historical museums. Even better, if you are on the hunt for a luxury pad in the city, then Thembeka Homes is the right place.


Located in Borrowdale, an affluent quiet area in Harare - it sits perfectly in reach of all the city’s popular bars and restaurants. Making it an ideal choice to escape from the hustle and bustle. Arriving at Thembeka Homes, you are welcomed with a beautiful entrance with palm trees, plenty of parking, and a sense of security. The interior decor is absolutely pristine, a great balance of modern chic with African feels.

My favourite part of the house, apart from the clean spacious rooms, has to be the pool area. The sunken sitting area creates the perfect setting to catch a breeze whilst having drinks, without getting into the pool. Since it is self-catering you have the option to cook in the spacious kitchen in-house, and the outdoor grill which is great for barbecues

Overall Review | Pros

  • Location is easy to get to and within distance of Sam Levy Shopping Village, bars, and restaurants.

  • Super clean, from the bathroom andbedding.

  • Secure environment.

  • Great pool area, or I should call it 'insta worthy'

  • Opportunity to host private events

  • Wonderful hosts, they make you feel at home

  • Wi-Fi

  • Spa option

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Overall Review | Cons

  • The hosts live in the home (family of 4), this can be uncomfortable for some travellers

  • Shared living area with other travellers, so be prepared to bump into other travellers by the pool and living room.

  • Opportunity to make noise via music may be limited as other guests may be present.


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